Motorbike Service and Repairs

We provide Hanoi’s best motorbike services ensuring customers’ riding experience is as mechanically safe as it can be and as hassle free as possible. We also repair most motorbikes. Call us to make an appointment on
091-493-1390 (via local phones) or +84-91-493-1390 (via international phones)

Standard Motorbike Services:
Motorbike wash
Coolant Change
Minor Motorcycle Service
Major Motorcycle Service
(please call for prices)

We have an Australian certified mechanic, who is also an Australian Certificate IV qualified trainer & assessor. We work with Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation to train disadvantaged youth in the mechanics industry, specialising in motorbike service and repair. By coming to us for your motorbike service in Hanoi, you are helping to improve Hanoi’s future skilled workforce.

In addition it comes with an exceptional quality of service, which you can verify through the independent
New Hanoian website and TripAdvisor

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So if you have a motorbike that needs repairing or servicing then get in contact and we’ll do what we can to help.